What is the Importance of Motor Soft Starter?

Motor soft starters allow an engine motor to start in low voltage conditions which allow for reverse control operations or multiple speed capabilities; this offers protection from overload faults and over currents. Normal motor starters (direct-on-line technologies or DOL) apply full current, voltage and torque immediately to the motor upon ignition. This basic form of motor starting increases stress on the shaft, motor and electrodynamic stress on the power cables and overall the entire electrical distribution network itself. The importance of a soft starter is to manage this voltage and in doing so protect the longevity of the electrical network and prolong electrical stability and quality. 

Advantages of a soft starter include improved efficiency, controlled startup, low cost and size, and a controlled acceleration. Controlled acceleration is beneficial to avoid start up engine jerking. In the case of aircraft propellers, a gradual increase at start up is absolutely crucial versus an abrupt full torque of propellers all at once. Gradual control avoids torque spikes, tension within the mechanical system, and ensures gears, belt driven conveyors and couplings remain strong and unstressed.  

A soft starter should be used with applications that have medium to low starting torque, applications that are lightly loaded, and applications that have a high inrush current system. Some high inrush current systems by law need to be restricted to prevent penalty charges or even supply network issues. Overall, soft starters can be seen as the pregame stretching, walking and jogging before a big race’s sprint to the finish line. Just like these preemptive practices keep a body from unnecessary injury and undue stress, a soft starter works to keep a motor from harmful abrupt exertion.  

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January 23, 2023

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