What Can Beacons Be Used For?

There’s an ironic tidbit surrounding beacons, in that they are designed to be loudly bright and alerting, but often times go unnoticed by the average person. But for those to whom the beacons are meant, such as pilots, air traffic runway guiders, marine vessels coming into a harbor, and others, these beacons do stand out with a meaning significant to each one of them.

Beacons are most often associated with lighthouses, but they’re present in everyday life. Warehouses, retail spaces, and even on some street lights, beacons are extremely useful devices for attracting or alerting the attention of others. Below you’ll see some common uses for beacons in the modern age. 

Beacons are commonly used as a navigational point for airplanes, boats, and other vehicles. Using visual, sonic signals, radio, or radar signals, beacons can help navigators find their destinations. Visual beacons ranging from a small and single-pile structure to big light stations or lighthouses can be found on water or land. Other examples of navigational beacons are the aerodrome beacon which is used to specify the locations of helipads and airports and handheld beacons which are used by marshalls to offer orders to aircraft’s crew as they move around active airports, heliports, and aircraft carriers.

Warning And Defense 
The earliest form of beacons were found in olden days, where people lit fires to warn neighboring communities of enemies approaching. This method of warning others has been traced back to ancient civilizations, including those belonging to the Greeks, Scandinavians, Romans, Spanish, and Chinese.

Motor Vehicles 
A vehicular beacon refers to a rotating or flashing light atop a vehicle. A good example of this is the ambulance, which blares its beacon to get the attention of pedestrians and surrounding vehicles. There are also other emergency vehicles that utilize this beacon, such as police cars,  snow-removal vehicles, construction vehicles, tow trucks, etc. For more information on acquiring beacon or aircraft parts, consult the experts at RFQ Experts.

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January 23, 2023

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