What Are The Primary Tools of an Aircraft Mechanic?

Aircraft are composed of countless parts, all of which come together to create complex assemblies, machinery, and systems that enable the ability to undertake flight operations. As an aircraft mechanic or private plane owner, it is important to have the knowledge of various aircraft parts and how they may be maintained to uphold airworthiness. Additionally, one should also always have the correct tools on hand to accommodate a variety of job types, each of which may be used for varying operations. In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of the most common tools that all aircraft mechanics should own, allowing you to understand how they are used for standard aircraft maintenance procedures.

Fasteners are one of the primary component types that make up aircraft assemblies, often accounting for nearly half of all parts for some models. As mechanics may need to work on multiple aircraft where they will be adjusting upwards of thousands of screws, it is paramount that they have the right tools to quickly carry out an operation. The speed handle is one of the most important parts of a mechanic’s toolbox, coming in the form of a long screw that enables the rapid removal of a screw head with just one hand. This frees the other hand to conduct other repairs or operations, saving time and increasing efficiency.

As the installation of various fittings and fasteners must meet specific tightness or torque values for optimal operations and part safety, the torque wrench is another common component that all mechanics should have. The torque wrench is a tool that may be calibrated or set at various torque amounts, ensuring that precision is upheld during the installation process to avoid loosening parts or damage to components and assemblies. As torque wrenches come in a few common variations, one should ensure that they choose what is best for their particular needs.

Safety wire pliers are a tool that may be used for fastener installation, ensuring that nuts and bolts avoid loosening during operations. With safety wire pliers, aluminum wires may be tied together into rigid braids. With these braids, a great amount of strength can be achieved to protect nuts and bolts.

Rivets are permanent fasteners that are widely used for aircraft construction, allowing mechanics to fasten skin sections and other structures to the airframe or other assemblies. With the use of a rivet gun, mechanics may drive rivets into metal surfaces with ease, creating a permanent joint. Rivet gun tools and rivet fasteners are useful for areas where the backside of the assembly cannot be accessed, and such fasteners are lightweight yet quite robust.

While less specialized as compared to other equipment types, a screwdriver is a common tool that may be used for many bolts and screws, allowing for quick installation and removal. The end of a screwdriver may vary in its size and shape depending upon the tool, and it is important to find the correct size for fasteners so that fastener heads are not stripped. The Allen wrench, or hex key, is similar to the screwdriver, coming in the form of a basic tool that ranges in size for the manual tightening and loosening of bolts and screws.

As one is working on an aircraft, it may be useful to have tools such as a magnet for ensuring no metal shavings or parts are left on assemblies as they can present a major hazard if they get into moving equipment. As magnets can quickly gather unseen particles from a distance, they can be easy to use. A mirror is another tool that is not used to directly work on the aircraft, though allows for increased vision for areas that are more constricted or hard to see.

Beyond such tool types, mechanics may also want to have other equipment such as channel lock sets, wire twister tools, safety glasses, utility knives, and more as needed to ensure that all jobs may be carried out. At RFQ Experts, we serve as a premier purchasing platform for aircraft parts, and we are your sourcing solution for top quality tools that you can use for your maintenance endeavors. Take the time to explore our offered components at your leisure, and our team of industry experts are readily on standby 24/7x365 to assist you through the purchasing process as necessary. Get started today and see how we can help you fulfill all your operational requirements with ease.


January 23, 2023

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