What Are The Different Types of Hose Clamps?

When you are working with hose systems to transport fluids in any application, there is a risk of leakage at connection points where the hose meets a fitting, such as a spigot or a barb. This can interrupt the efficiency of your system in a number of ways, so it is wise to employ the use of a hose clamp for such situations. Intended to fit around the outer diameter of the hose, a hose clamp is a ring-shaped component that works to ensure a tight seal at the connection point between your hose and a port. There are various systems that depend on hose systems, so the best type of hose clamp will be different for different applications. For your better knowledge, this blog will explore six common types of hose clamps and their applications.

Types Of Hose Clamps

The first category of hose clamp we will cover is the adjustable hose clamp, that of which can also be a part of the other categories listed below. The defining feature of this design is the clamp’s adjustability to loosen or tighten as needed for varying applications. While this is useful, adjustable hose clamps may not be the best option for applications with very specific requirements, as nonadjustable clamps may be designed for more exact use.

A widely relied on style of hose clamp in the water industry is the screw clamp. Also known as band clamps or worm gear clamps, these clamps have an adjustable screw on the outside which can inch its way around the clamp, closing in on the hose as it cinches the tighter.

For applications where the outer material of the hose is more delicate, an embossed hose clamp might be the best option. These hose clamps are a version of screw clamps with smoother, rounded edges that protect the clamp from damaging the hose.

For applications where the clamp may be removed and reused, a spring clamp might be the best option. These clamps are designed to be tightened with pliers, and they are available in many different shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option. Furthermore, they get their name from their ability to spring back to their original shape after being altered, making them common choices for coolant hoses in engines.

For more specific and heavy-duty applications, wire clamps are a wise investment. This design holds a permanent size; however, there are eyelets on either end of the clamp through which a screw can be inserted to a desired tightness. As this design is made from bent steel, it is extremely durable.

The last most common type of clamp is the ear clamp, that of which gets its name from its shape that resembles a human ear. When secured, these clamps are permanently damaged at their closing mechanism, making them useful for applications where adjustment is not required, such as hose lines that move around but do not change pressure.


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