Safety Equipment: It Will Save Lives

The in-flight cabin crew is responsible for more than just providing refreshments and a pleasant experience, they are responsible for the safety of all passengers on board! In fact, passenger safety is the reason behind creating the position of “cabin crew”. The first flight attendant was hired in 1930 and was a certified nurse. Her sole role was to ensure the health and safety of all passengers aboard the flight. The airline had noticed that the presence of a flight attendant during flight resulted in passengers feeling more relaxed and secure. This positive feedback led the way for all commercial airlines to hire flight attendants for in-fight safety. 

Roles & Responsibilities Of Flight Attendants

Today, flight attendants are assigned several more responsibilities. These responsibilities include but are not limited to: measuring the aircraft mass and balance, following safety regulations, providing safety demonstrations, and the properly storing safety equipment.  Safety equipment is a crucial part of aircraft safety as it could be used in an emergency to help prevent death, injury, or illness. There are hundreds of lives that flight attendants are responsible for during each flight, so having the proper equipment is critical. Flight attendants are required to go through extensive training that educates them on how to prepare for and how to handle emergency situations such as crash landings, emergency landings, and in-flight fires. This training is very rigorous and helps flight attendants develop fundamental skills regarding flight safety. During this training, flight attendants are also responsible for learning live saving procedures such as CPR and first-aid.

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January 23, 2023

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