Different Types of Plungers

While we may only think of plungers when we actually need them (i.e., when we clog our toilets), plungers are not confined to bathroom settings. In fact, plungers are also commonly employed for workpiece positioning applications. Typically, these types of plungers consist of a rod-shaped body that may or may not feature external threading, and they lock and position parts in place. Unlike toilet bowl plungers, the plungers we will discuss in this blog are of a different variety.

The first plunger we are going to cover is the spring plunger, which is characterized by the use of a spring. Known more commonly as Spring-Loaded Devices (SLDs), spring plungers have the same rod-shaped body as most other plungers. However, the body is equipped with a compression spring that applies pressure to the nose so that it remains in position. Spring plungers are versatile in that they can be inserted into machines or parts, and the nose stays in place thanks to the spring.

Second to spring plungers in terms of popularity are ball plungers. Also called ball detent plungers, they are designed with an enclosed ball on one end. When inserting a ball plunger into a machine or part, it remains in place until an ample amount of pressure is applied. Applying pressure to the ball plunger forces the ball to retract, enabling the user to remove it from the machine or part.

Serving as a subtype of ball plungers, press fit ball plungers feature a ball on one end like their predecessors. However, press fit ball plungers lack threading, meaning that they cannot be easily screwed into a threaded hole of a machine or part. Instead, they are designed to be pressed into a hole; thus, they are utilized with softer non-metal materials like wood or plastic.

Lastly, there is the lesser-known plunger type: indexing plungers. Also known as hard retractable plungers, indexing plungers feature a handle that can be pulled to remove them. When the handle is pulled, the indexing plunger’s nose retracts into the body, allowing you to remove it from the machine or part with which it is utilized. Despite not being as popular as other types, indexing plungers are fast, efficient, and easy to use.

Wrapping Up

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